• Slingshot C68 Coffee Grinder

An environmentally sustainable, quality grinder is the message and vision of the Slingshot C68 Grinder. Designed in Australia, the anticipated release from Slingshot brings us a range of grinders for the cafe ́ thats jam packed full of innovation built-in to them.

You’ll have freshly ground coffee immediately when you need it, no more waiting 5-7 seconds every time you grind.

These grinders have been designed to maximise efficiency on the bar, greatly reduce ground coffee waste whilst providing a consistent grind setting and dose every time, fast and effectively. Slingshot adopts a whole new approach to this by using volumetric dosing to the portafilter.

Hands-free grinding with a universal support system for the portafilter, automatically detects differences in the handles, whether it is a single or double spout.

Bringing together modular design enabling you switch out side panels to suit your machine or cafe decor. Speed workflow by connecting two C68’s together, saving space and time.

The LED display lets you know how long between shots, the life of your burrs and a digital position readout of your exact grind setting.

Want to customise your Slingshot Grinder Side Panels or get the DLC Burr Kit? Email: orders@alternativebrewing.com.au.


Self Dosing Grinder — A chamber holds the exact amount of coffee you need for your next shot, ready to go

Zero Waste Delivery System — A distribution chamber; mixing and delivering the dose straight into the basket.

Micrometric Dosage and Grinding Adjustment — Set doses depending on basket size or group handle to customise flow. A digital display allows precise control of the grind setting.

Real Time Coffee Maturation Period — Monitor the time that lapsed between doses to manage staling.

Universal Porta-filter — Slingshot's patented spring-load support system will accomodate any size portafilter.

Monitoring life of the Burrs — A warning icon will advise when to schedule in your next burr replacement.

Automatic Portafilter Recognition — Automated detection of different group handles. Use single and double spouts!

Belt Driven Technology — Reducing noise, vibrations and heat transfer to the whole Grinder.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Slingshot C68 Grinder
  • 1 x Bean Hopper
  • 1 x 220-240v Plug

The Specifics

BurrsConical | 68mm
Speed450 rpm | 50Hz
Power220-240v | 450/570 W
Hopper1.2 Kg
Dimensions(h) 630 (w) 208 (d) 435
Weight23.5 Kg
Noise Level87 dba

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Slingshot C68 Coffee Grinder

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